June 23, 2009

Bento post #76 – #80

School started last week so it is back to the early morning grind for me to prepare bentos for Yiu Yiu.

Monday – over the weekend, I went to the market to buy some chicken drummets with the intention of marinating some and keeping them in the freezer for quick preparation in the mornings. So I started the week with this new food item, plus a strawberry muffin. In the white silicon cup is some cut rambutan flesh, which I figured will be easier and safer for her to eat than giving her the whole fruit.

Tuesday – the last two pieces of my home-made chicken nuggets in my freezer, and some potato wedges for carbo. Bought some papaya so gave her few pieces for fruits. While driving to school, I told her what's in her bento box and her immediate reaction was, "Tomato sauce leh?" Oppss!!! That's the consequence of not packing bentos for two weeks. I totally forgot to pack some ketchup to go with her nuggets and wedges as I would normally do. Luckily she didn't make a fuss of it.

Wednesday – she came back from babysitter's with this red-bean pau the day before so I just steamed it up in the morning and packed off the remainder of the papaya.

Thursday – one of her favourite food, spaghetti Bolognese and grapes.

Friday – hubby brought back some Dunkin’ Donuts from his Lions Club meeting the day before so I just cut one chocolate coated donut into four, and added some butterfly shaped guava. I had a nagging feeling that she won't like the donut as it was rather hard and true enough, three of the four pieces came back untouched.

Now, with her teacher's comments about her liking the school's biscuits, should I still continue to deprive myself of my beauty sleep to pack food for her?


Cynthia said...

Maybe you want to consider alternate days in order for her to enjoy some "gang" time with her friends... ")

Ley Mei said...

yummy bento.. i loves the monday's recipe.. it's my fav..

jazzmint said...

salute u really...i'm vy lazy forever packing biscuits haha

A Mom's Diary said...

Cynthia - when I'm not maternity leave, not sure if I'll have time to pack for her at all.

Ley Mei - you like the drummet, muffin or rambutan? :-)

Jazz - no worries, as long as Faythe eats them.

Ley Mei said...

haha.. yiu yiu mummy.. i actually like the monday combination as in ..a little muffin with a drummet.. not too dry and added another little rambutan.. keke.. but personally, i am a drummet lover..if i am your yiu yiu, u can basically make me the same bento everyday.. kekee.