June 17, 2009

The budding camerawoman

I carry my compact digital camera in my bag all the time, for those unexpected Kodak moments that crop up sometimes. Yiu Yiu has always been fascinated with the camera, and always digs out the camera from my bag and start shooting. At first, she shot things at random, so the objects are always out of focus, and images are more often than not, blur. But she's getting quite good in handling the camera these days, and can press the correct button to switch between shooting and viewing mode.

Here's a compilation of some of her shots (unedited, save for compression for size) in chronological order. I think there's an obvious improvement in her technique, don't you agree?

Objects are out of focus, and not aligned

Images are sharper and more focused, but slanted

Her shots now - objects are focused and well positioned in the centre of the photo


Cynful Pleasure said...

clap clap Yiu Yiu!

Chinneeq said...

hehe..so cute u both looking down at her :)

two pixels photography said...

she's getting good at it

BoeyJoey said...

For Yiu Yiu's young age, the last shot is very good! You have now an assistant photographer! :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz/Cynthia - thanks

Chinnee - most of her shots of adults are like that. Ha ha!

BoeyJoey - yeah, now she tends to fight with me for the camera whenever I take it out.

Liew said...

Eh send her for photography class oso la. Let her develop her interest. Maybe she will be a famous photographer for Nat Geo one day :)