June 11, 2009

Funny conversations

Being fat
Papa was cleaning Yiu Yiu up after she did her big business. Out of the blue she said, “Papa, you so fat! Don’t eat so much already, OK.”

Traffic jam
Hubby was fetching Yiu Yiu from babysitter one evening, and got caught in the rush-hour traffic.
Yiu Yiu: Idiot! Stupid driver!
Papa: Eh! Why you say such things?
Yiu Yiu: Traffic jam mah, traffic jam must say like this one.
Papa: Why traffic jam must say like this?
Yiu Yiu (replying in a serious tone): Yes, mummy say like this one when traffic jam, not I say one.

Sure enough, mummy got reprimanded by papa that day for not minding mummy’s language…and yes, she’s picking up Manglish from us. It’s bad, but (sigh!) it’s so difficult to switch to proper English in our day-to-day conversation.

Nowadays, I asked her to reprimand me whenever she hears me cursing while driving, and she takes absolute pleasure in doing so. Just the other morning, I muttered “Stupid” quietly under my breath and she was quick to throw me an angry glance and a stern “Mummy”.

God is in my heart
The kindy that Yiu Yiu attends is run by the DUMC. As such, the children start the day with Bible stories, and they are also taught Christian and worshipping songs. Though we are not Christians, we don’t mind it at all, since all religions preach the same principle of goodness and kindness to mankind. The other day, we had this conversation.
Yiu Yiu: Mummy, God is in my heart (pressing her hands against her chest).
Mummy: Yes darling, God is in your heart.
Yiu Yiu: But next time right, when I am sick and I vomit, I will vomit God out one!
Mummy: Oh dear God, please continue to stay in her heart.


ryeli said...

lol...it's the other way round with us. hubby swears more and i have to tell him off for this.

we do need to be careful with what we have to say infront of the kids and it is very tough. i'm wondering when they're older and understands the swearing part, wld we all be open again on swearing?! hehe.

KittyCat said...

You know what? I stopped cursing the moment I left Malaysia - because I don't have to drive here!

When I think about going home, I told Hubby my blood pressure's gonna rise and yup, Lucas says "Stupid driver!" each time someone swerves in front of us (even in the taxi).

Took me months to undo this and this also by telling him, "Don't say 'stuipd'. Say 'naughty'." He now goes, "St...naughty driver!"

I'm a Catholic and I'm LOL at Yiu Yiu's last comment!!! Priceless...

LittleLamb said...

haahahahah very cute conversation. yes kids observe easily hor. i m a terrible driver too n i m sure philip will pick it up one day :(

A Mom's Diary said...

Syn - my hubby hardly swears when driving...I'm the bad parent here :-)

Kittycat - nowadays, when she hears me stay "Stupid", she even insists that I apologise to the other driver...hahaha. Her vomiting comment also left me ROFL

LittleLamb - guess we have to practise more self-restraint

Cynthia said...

nice reading the conversation :) I better be careful since I drive little Princess in and out everyday.. even she is only 3 months old now.. better behave.. haha ;) Oh, nice that Yiu Yiu are accepting GOD, no matter in what religion!

Liew said...

LOL she makes me larf so loud!!!! You better start watching ur language in front of her, ur doter really picks up very fast

michelle@mybabybay said...

Children do remind us of ourselves, good and bad. In a way it is good, so we can correct ourselves for them.

A Mom's Diary said...

Cynthia/WK - yup, gotta watch ourselves.

Mybabybay - you're right. Sometimes when I see YY's antics, I can see so much of me in her.