June 09, 2009

Home pedicure service, anyone?

Yiu Yiu is into those cute little stickers these days, and we try to indulge her once in a while. I bought a pack of shiny and incredibly tiny Hello Kitty stickers the other day, and had kept the whole sheet in my bag, as she was still playing with her other sheet of stickers and I didn’t want her to quickly finish off the other sheet so she could start using stickers from this new sheet.

But kids being kids, she rummaged through my bag the other day, and was delighted with her find. The stubborn mule that she is, I figured there’s no point talking her out of playing with her new stickers. I let her be and proceeded to take my shower.

When I stepped out from the shower, she was waiting for me right outside the bathroom door, with this, and laughing her head off at the same time:

So, anyone game for a session of home pedicure service?


Liew said...

Hahahaha so 'oi leng' la ur doter

ryeli said...

she learnts fast, u do pedicure do you? :)

KittyCat said...

Wow, she's smart LOL She stuck them all so neatly too!

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - so typical of her, isn't it?

Syn - not really, I think I've probably done less than 5x in my whole lifetime :-)

Kittycat - yeah, I was pretty impressed with her handiwork too.