September 02, 2009

Aarrgh!!! I've to start pumping again

The title says it all…I've got to start pumping again in preparation for me going back to work in October. This is the part of breastfeeding that I hate most – the endless rounds of pumping, storing and sterilizing but what to do, breast is best for baby. I've got to start building up my stock of frozen breastmilk, as well as train Yan Yan to drink from the bottle.

I'm also in a dilemma as far as going back to work is concerned. I'm scheduled to attend a conference in Montreal from October 18 – 24, so I'll need to be away for one whole week. As much as I love to go (I've never been to Canada), I'm worried about two things – whether I can stock up enough milk for Yan Yan for the entire duration that I'll be away, as well as the appearance of a new, more severe strain of H1N1 virus.

With Yiu Yiu, I first travelled when she was slightly more than four months. I was away for six days in Bangkok then. At that time, I pumped and carted back almost 150oz of expressed breast milk (EBM) so that replenished my freezer with milk that Yiu Yiu consumed while I was away. I won't be able to do the same in Montreal this time, as I'll be travelling for more than 24 hours, including transit time on the return flight. That rules out bringing home frozen EBM. At the most, I would be able to cart back only chilled EBM expressed in the last two days of my trip, so that may not be sufficient to replenish the stocks that Yan Yan would consume while I'm away. And Bangkok was also a time before restrictions on carrying liquid onboard was introduced. I'm sure it'll be much tougher now, having to check in the EBM and all. I wonder if my boss would be kind enough to allow me to give this trip a miss.


Liew said...

Talk to your boss and hope he/she is an understanding person lor. Well this is the sacrifices you hv to hv to decide which is more important, the trip or Yan Yan

michelle@mybabybay said...

I missed those pumping days, especially when I get let down. Anyway enjoy your trip.

ryeli said...

i so loathe the pumping part too. i'll be doing this for another 2 months (no. 2 will be 1 by then) and i'm done pumping. will just give her direct at nights and over wkends.

i had to start formula last week as i was ill and was on strong meds. although i had 2 weeks supply in freezer, i knew my supply is getting lesser and felt it is time to introduce formula (very relunctantly).

btw, i totally respect how u bring back ebm from your trips during yiu yiu's time. i will have to do this end of this month for the first time. will hv to ask the airlines how can i do this since i cant bring them on the plane with me.

i'm sure your boss wld be understanding enough to let you not go this time.

happy pumping! :)

jazzmint said...

wah that's very far leh..gonna be tough to bring back the load

Chinneeq said...

sigh...such a great chance to miss right? anyway, when we have baby, nothing more important than our love ones anymore.

BoeyJoey said...

Yeah... I dislike the pumping and sterilising part too...

150ml EBM in 6 days, that's 25ml per day! Wow, there's so much effort in pumping and sterilising... bravo!

A Mom's Diary said...

WK/Chinnee - would have jumped at the opportunity if not due to breastfeeding. Will see how my stockpiling goes :-)

Michelle - you miss the pumping days? I dread them...haha. But I also love the amount that comes out from the pump whenever there's a let down.

Syn - I'm pumped till Yiu Yiu was 15months, so am thinking of doing the same with Yan Yan. But will see how. May also stop at 12months, and just direct feed whenever I'm home.

Kittycat sms me to say that you may call me to ask questions on pumping and travelling. Feel free to call me yeah, if you wanna talk.

Jazz - yeah, that's why gotta make sure I have enough stock if I'm going.

BoeyJoey - things we do for the sake of our children :-)

Kit said...

You have all my sympathies because I also hate pumping.

As I'll be applying for a job soon, I feel so lazy thinking about having to pump again.

Hope your boss will let you off too :-) I know how hard it is to get out of trips sometimes DESPITE a lot of valid reasons!

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat - you're getting a job? Meaning you'll be staying put in Penang for good? Great, can look you up the next time my work brings me to Penang.

christine said...

hi. maybe this will help:

A Mom's Diary said...

Christine - thanks for dropping by. I'm aware of this article in MMB, great tips that helped me cart home EBM during my overseas trips with my elder daughter 3-4 years ago.