September 08, 2009

Online photo printing

I first read about this service by eoe Online several months ago from some bloggers. As I prefer to keep my photos as photobooks, I didn't give much thought to it, but I did find the online photo printing service quite an innovative idea.

I recently completed two more photobooks on our trips to Hong Kong and Macau, Yogyakarta, Pangkor Laut Resort and Singapore, and since I owe mum and MIL some of these photos, I decided to give eoe Online a try. After all, the cost of their 4R print is the cheapest I've encountered so far, only 30 cents each, regardless of quantity. The cheapest I could find in retail outlets so far is 40 cents each, and that also if you print hundreds of them.

It's such an easy process – just go to their website, upload the photos, make payment and then wait for your photos to arrive, all in the comfort of your own home. No more having to save the photos into a thumbdrive/CD, driving to the photo shop, and return a day or two later to pick them up.

eoe Online is currently offering 4R prints at 30 cents and 5R prints for 50 cents. Delivery is free with a minimum purchase of RM35. You can also utilize their free, unlimited storage, online photo album service to store & share your photos with your family & friends. If you are a blogger, you can also participate in their review program to receive free 50 4R prints and 2 8R prints.

I've just placed my order, so will be looking forward for the photos to arrive soon.

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Ms. W said...

i'm interested. can you please comment about the quality of the prints when they arrive? thanks.