September 25, 2009

Yan Yan – 2nd month update

We brought Yan Yan to the paediatrician for her 2nd month vaccination today. When the needle was jabbed into her thigh, surprisingly she just gave out a short and soft whimper, and tada, she was back to her normal cheerful self :-) She was also given the oral rotavirus vaccine, and the nurse was surprised that she swallowed the liquid enthusiastically. The vaccine must have tasted real good, haha…Anyway, she's now 5.70kg (gained 650g since her last visit) and is 58.3cm in length. Her head circumference increased a slight 1.2cm to 39.2cm.

This month, we are rewarded with what every parent looks forward to, their newborn's first voluntary smile. Last month, occasionally, Yan Yan will smile but those are involuntary muscle movements but this month, she responds with smile and/or laughter whenever we talk to her. This girl just loves attention – she loves people talking to her face-to-face. Sometimes, she'll talk back by gurgling or cooing, and flashing her gummy grin. How I love the sounds she makes, and how I wish I could freeze these precious moments, coz in no time, she'll REALLY talk back to us :-)

Surrounded by fullmoon angpows

She's becoming quite a kpc and will turn her head whenever she hears people talking. She prefers to be carried upright instead of in a cradle position so she could observe the world around her. She also likes to "stand" while being carried, by extending her legs straight and bearing down her weight on her legs. Her neck is still not quite strong yet so it's quite amusing seeing her head bopping up and down, and left and right while in this position.

I left her lying on her tummy one day in the living room with Yiu Yiu while I busied myself in the kitchen. Suddenly Yiu Yiu shouted, "Aarrgghh mummy. You see mei-mei." I came out to find her like this.

Haha...she actually inched herself forward.

This girl doesn't like chilly temperature and I notice that whenever we sleep with the air-conditioner switched on, she'd develop blocked nose and fuss a whole lot more. On the other hand, Yiu Yiu doesn't like warm temperature, so with the two of them co-sleeping with me, I've to make sure the room temperature is just right for both of them. What I normally do now is to cool the room beforehand and just switch on the fan when we sleep. So far it's working quite well :-) And oh, she sneezes real loud too.

She has also discovered her fist and on few occasions when she was hungry and I was occupied with something, she'd suck her fist vigorously. After being contented with her feed, she would lie on the bed and smile/laugh/coo/gurgle to herself till she gets bored and cry out to be carried :-)

Straining while doing her big business

She took her first bottle of expressed milk at 6 weeks old, and took to the bottle really well.

So after several feeds on the bottle and having no problems with it, I got lazy and stopped using the bottle. But guess I need to let her drink from the bottle again next week, in preparation for me going back to work on October 5. Sigh! How time flies, and how I wished I didn't have to go back to work.


Liew said...

Soon you will hv 2 very kpc to deal with. I think Yan Yan will be a bigger kpc than her cheh cheh

But she really smiles a lot :)

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

I like the last picture! Both the girls are looking so healthy and happy!!

Chinneeq said...

i love the last pic too!

BoeyJoey said...

Wah... she can inch so far out hor? Gotta watch her carefully.

Happy 2-month-old, Yan Yan! :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - I love to see her smiles.

LilHyppo's Mummy/Chinnee - I like it too, so heartwarming :-)

BoeyJoey - I've only seen her do that once so far :-)

ryeli said...

interesting, your no. 2 also very similar with mine (except mine's botak!)...she also love watching the world and she loves standing from a baby. she always stand when i bathe her and this started right in her 1st week onwards. and she can't sleep in aircond room as well as she'll get blocked nose (this happened at the hospital when she was born and i'm paranoid that she will get sinus later on).

so fast 2 months already! she's growing really well and i love the picture of yiu-yiu feeding her.

A Mom's Diary said...

Syn - she loves to extend her legs straight in the bath tub too, even though I put her in a reclining position :-)

Butterfly kisses said...

Hi a mom's diary, followed yr blog for a while now. Thought baby no.2 is super adorable being so chubby and has lots of hair. She reminds me of my girl whom at that age has a head full of hair and chunks of fat everywhere!=) And I also think Yiu Yiu is a very pretty girl=D

A Mom's Diary said...

Butterfly kisses - thanks for following my blog. Do leave a comment more often, and thanks for your compliments on my girls :-)