September 27, 2009

Recent arts & crafts

Here are some recent handicrafts Yiu Yiu made in her art class.

A chicky coin box

A lantern decorated with drawings of a tree, a lantern, clouds and a self-portrait

And here are some drawings and colourings she did at home and at the babysitter's.

A picture of Auntie Lijah, babysitter's friend, who always takes her out for makan-makan. She didn't draw this herself obviously, got some help from the babysitter's sister.

This is the fruit basket she's supposed to bring to Auntie Lijah's house for Hari Raya, drawn by babysitter's sister. She added the table underneath the fruit basket though, coz she said there's nothing to support the fruit basket :-)


This is a picture of me, an obvious improvement from her earlier picture of me, drawn two months earlier.

And some abstract art pieces

I must say her colouring improved a lot, and she can now colour within the outline of the picture. Colour wise, she loves to mix and match different bright colours on the same picture. But she still needs to improve on her strokes – she doesn’t colour with consistent strokes but simply uses horizontal/vertical/oblique strokes according to the shape of the picture.


Merryn said...

Cute chicky coin box! :)

cre8tone said...

Very nice art work!

Chinneeq said...

do u paste these masterpiece on the wall? qiqi insist on framing some of them on my beautiful wall although i already pasted many of them on my kitchen tile wall.

BoeyJoey said...

All very nice art pieces; I like the chiky coin box! :-)

Yeah... big improvement from the previous potrait on you, although I think your previous potrait is also very nice!

HQ loves to colour different objects with different colours too :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Merryn - thanks for dropping by. I think the coin box is really cute too. I love the craft ideas at your blog, will definitely drop by more often.

Little Prince's Mummy - thanks.

Chinnee - she did ask once or twice but I never did paste them...bad mummy :-) But I keep them in a clear folder - can show her what she did as a child when she's older :-)

BoeyJoey - the coin box is cute, eh? HQ is a good artist, from what I can see.