September 16, 2009

Weekend shopping trips

Last weekend was the first time we went shopping, groceries shopping not withstanding, after I gave birth. On Saturday after sending Yiu Yiu to her art class, we made a snap decision to go to Jusco 1-Utama as I wanted to get some shoes and hubby wanted to get a shirt. It was a fruitful trip – we bought two pairs of shoes, one handbag and several CDs after shopping for just over an hour, before rushing to pick Yiu Yiu up. Hubby and I were pretty happy as we probably wouldn't have been able to do so much in short a such time if Yiu Yiu were with us, but we did feel a little guilty for sneaking out like that and not bringing her along.

Anyway, since hubby didn't manage to get his shirt, we decided to go to 1-Utama again on Sunday after breakfast, this time to Parkson.

Sitting pretty in her brand new booster seat

As I was browsing at the shoe department in Parkson, Yiu Yiu wanted to pee so I took her to the toilet outside at the mall. Less than five minutes after we went back into Parkson, Yiu Yiu wanted to go to the toilet again, this time she wanted to poo poo. Several times in the past, she had also asked us to bring her to the toilet, and after the hassle of finding and rushing to the toilet, she'd say that her poo poo doesn't want to come out. Now the shoe department is at the furthest end of Parkson, so it's a pretty long walk to the toilet so I told her sternly, "You sure you want to poo poo ah! If we go to the toilet and you don't poo poo, I'm going to smack your buttock ah." She insisted that she wanted to poo poo so we made the long walk to the toilet. Halfway, she stopped and bent down at her waist, so I asked, "Why are you stopping?" and her reply really had me in stiches, "My poo poo went inside already, so I want to ask my poo poo to come out." After a few seconds, "OK, mummy lets go, my poo poo is coming out already." So funny!

We then went to the concourse level which was decorated with a fishing village theme for the upcoming Hari Raya. It was quite nicely done but Yiu Yiu wasn't cooperative so we didn’t manage to snap much photos.

Two of the more decent photos we managed to snap of Yiu Yiu

Before heading home, we stopped by this shop called My Honeymoon, which sells a wide variety of desserts. I had cold water chestnut with beancurd (tau foo fa), while hubby had Hello Ice (colourful granulated ice with fruits), and a durian pancake to share. My dessert and the durian pancake were quite nice, but hubby didn't quite like his ice, he said is tasted too milky.

And we went home empty-handed. See, told you we couldn't shop much with Yiu Yiu around.


two pixels photography said...

haha poo poo went in. she must have been so worried when that happen LOL

SleeplessInKL said...

you didn't mention anything about the crowds. i made the mistake of going shopping last weekend and nearly fainted at the massive crowd! *groan* now i remember why i never shop when raya is near. i usually always do my shopping during july/aug mega sale.

ryeli said...

i'm still pretty paranoid about ryeli poo-ing in public places so i'll use a pull-up diaper for these situations (very rare she poos when we're out). i know, a waste but i cannot stand her sitting on the toilet bowls. but for pee, we will bring her to the public toilets.

you didn't mention yan-yan, was she with you all or you had someone to look after her?

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz - she surprised me yet again! :-)

Mimi - surprisingly on both days we were out, there wasn't much of a crowd. Perhaps we went early?

Syn - I don't let YY sit on the public toilet too. If she needs to use the public toilet, I'll carry her while she does her business. These are the times I wished I had a son, so hubby can be the one doing the toilet duty :-)

Yan Yan was looked after by hubby who waited for us in Parkson.

2ma said...

i went to My Honeymoon for the 1st time too a few days ago. i quite like the mango dessert!