September 14, 2009

I got my photos

…free from eoe Online.

I posted my review on eoe Online on Tuesday afternoon and dropped them an email informing them to check out the post. I received a reply from them on Wednesday afternoon informing me that the post has been approved, and the photos arrived at my doorstep on Friday afternoon. Pretty efficient service I must say.

The photos were printed on Fuijifilm paper, with 4R on glossy paper and 8R on matte paper, though I would have preferred the 4R to be printed on matte paper as well. But I was aware that 4R would be printed on glossy paper as I read it somewhere in their website. Quality wise, it's comparable to photos printed from any other retail outlets, and thank goodness for it, coz I placed another order of 70 prints the morning before I received the photos.

By the way, you can also get your 4R photos printed at 30 cents each at their retail outlets, but there'll be a minimum quantity of 100 pieces to qualify for that price. But I think 100 pieces for 30 cents each is still a very good deal.

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