September 23, 2009

Transfer of car ownership

So what do you need to do to transfer ownership of your car to someone else? Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Get your car inspected by Puspakom by bringing the original car registration card. There's a RM30 inspection fees. Puspakom will then issue an approval letter which is valid for one month, within which time the transfer of ownership must be completed.
2. The buyer needs to buy insurance for the car and obtain a copy of the insurance cover note.
3. Get the JPJ forms ready. You can download them from the JPJ website. Forms needed are JPJK3 (2 copies), TM-AB (2 copies, one each to paste photocopy IC of buyer and seller) and TM-1.
4. Once done, go to JPJ and submit all the forms together with car original registration card, Puspakom approval letter and buyer insurance cover note. A fee of RM100 is imposed for the transfer (in JPJ Jalan Sultan, they accept cash but some other branches may insist on postal order). Both the seller and buyer needs to be present. If the seller cannot be present, there's an additional step involving some verification with a Commissioner of Oath.
5. And if you want fast service minus all the queuing, bring along a baby :-) This may be applicable to JPJ Jalan Sultan only though :-) :-) :-)

I hope this information has been useful for someone.


Liew said...

JPJ Shah Alam even better - everything kau tim in less than 10min if both buyer and seller are present, no need to bring baby too ;)

BoeyJoey said...

Good info. Will refer here again if I sell my car in the future.

One small problem though... no baby leh... ;-)

mahes said...

Thks! Info will be useful.

Unknown said...

Good information! Thank you to Liew as well, I will go to the JPJ Shah Alam.