September 12, 2009

Mummy, you study not good lah

Huh? Exactly my response!

I was flossing for her the day after we visited the dentist but since she was standing at the wash basin, it was really difficult to do a good job as I couldn't position my hands properly to slide the floss between her teeth. I guess she finds it uncomfortable too, hence:

Yiu Yiu: Mummy, you study not good lah.
Mummy: Huh?! I study not good?? What do you mean?
Yiu Yiu: You study not good, that’s why you are not a good dentist.

Oh! Now I get it! She was comparing me to Dr. Amy who demonstrated flossing to her during our visit, and told her that mummy will be doing the same thing for her. But then, she was sitting on the reclining chair in the clinic so it's much easier to floss. So I guess I'll have to get her to lie down on my lap for flossing, instead of standing up. Any tips on how you floss for your child?


jazzmint said...

hahaha...that comment is so innocent :). I don't floss Faythe & Vyktore too, but so far Faythe has went twice to dentist and her teeth are OK. Vyktore yet to visit, he just can't sit still

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz - good that Faythe's set of teeth is still impeccable.

2ma said...

yiu yiu is so funny!! :D

Hui-Wearn said...

you will get better with more practice so keep it up!

A Mom's Diary said...

2ma - sometimes, we just can't predict what will come out from their innocent mouth :-)

HW - haha, I'm doing it with her lying down on my lap, easier than having her stand up.